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After hearing Alexander Mclean on the radio, talk about his charity APP, we offered to take a team to Kampala to record the choirs that had been formed from inmates on Death Row at the Luzira Prison.

A CD was recorded in December 2007 during a visit by a team from the UK. All recording was done inside the Luzira Prison.

The CD has been produced to help the charity 'African Prison Projects' to raise funds. Click on the logo to the right, to purchase and view the CD.

Please visit the APP website by clicking on their logo above, and help them to help them in their work ALL proceeds from the sale of this CD go towards the APP work.

The Condemned Choirs of Luzira Prison, Kampala, Uganda

The objective of the APP is the promotion of education and health in African Prisons, through the construction of libraries and renovation of medical facilities within the prison environment.

Fundamentally, APP aims to offer hope and compassion to people who have been marginalized and abadoned by much of society. Though they may have committed crimes, more than half of prisoners have not had a trial.

Those that are tried do not usually have a lawyer or jury and are frequently given the death penalty for crimes such as mutiny, cowardice and robbery

What we found was many prisoners who are on Death Row, awaiting execution, that do not deserve to be there. We are starting a fund for 'Justice for Life', to help secure these prisioners freedom.

The CD
The Justice for Life Fund
The African Prison Project